Review – Ben Sayers XF Pro Chipper

Ben Sayers XF Pro Chipper

When asked to review the Ben Sayers XF Pro Chipper Shane already had a pre-conception of the club until he used it. Shane was pleasantly surprised by the build quality and the way the club handled. After using the club for a short time Shane found it to be very consistent and reliable. For the handling of the club it had a soft face to the head of the club which meant you have to hit the golf ball a little harder than you would expect. From the shape you expect it to hit like a putter but it handles very differently. Shane found it great to use just outside of the green in slight bit of rough.

This Club would be a great addition to your bag if you are learning the game or struggle with your chipping.

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Sneak peak from the latest review filming!

Wilson Harmonized Black Gap Wedge club

The Wilson Harmonized Black Gap Wedge club was well packed in the boxing it arrived in. The box was not damaged in any way nor did the product turn up with any marks on it.

When getting the product out you could see that it club was well packed with cardboard and paper to ‘wedge’ (silly joke) club in place. This meant there was little movement of the club inside the box. The club in great condition felt sturdy and the rubber grip feels great and none slippy. the quality of the club matched the price point and am really looking forward to see what the resident professional Shane has to say about it.

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